I was born with asthma. I've had bad lungs all my life, but when I started smoking, my lungs obviously got worse, my asthma got worse, and I know it's so stupid that I carry on. I think everybody thinks it's cool to smoke. That's why everybody starts. I can't really think of another reason why someone would start to smoke, unless they thought it was cool. Yeah, when you really think about what you're doing and why you're doing it, it makes no sense. It's pretty scary I think. I would like to smoke a lot less, but because all of my mates smoke, I just end up smoking because they're smoking as well. I'm actually getting a little bit nervous now to see, if we are actually influenced by a nation where they don't smoke. The idea of not smoking is making you nervous? It's making me nervous. I do want to stop smoking. - See, I've always wanted to go to Iceland. - Yeah. Always wanted to go to Iceland, never met anyone from Iceland. I think they're going to be really wholesome, I think they're going to be really healthy and make me feel unhealthy. I think it will be interesting to see, if you can stop smoking in Iceland, and if we'll actually stop smoking in London. I'm really excited to see the family. - Hi, how's it going? - It's good. Hi, I'm Alice. Hi. - Have a seat. - Yeah. So how old are you guys? I'm 14. - I'm 20. - 20. - And do any of you smoke? - No. - In Iceland, they look at smokers as second-class. - Yeah? Yeah. They do that. Or maybe third or fourth-class. I was thinking of trying to just give up smoking whilst we're here. Yeah? Why? Because of the fresh air or something? Yeah. I think because less people smoke, there'll be less influence, and you won't be thinking about it as much because you don't see it all the time. The health industry in Iceland has been pronouncing a lot. Each class can sign agreement to not smoke. - And the class gets... - Something for it... Yeah, some prize for it. Yeah. Wow! I used to be really healthy. I used to be really into the gym. When I started spending more time with my friends, I started going to the pub more often and then, they were all smoking. So you gave up healthy and started smoking? But then I was mentally healthier, you know, when I was hanging out with my friends. It was more important to me. Being 14, have you ever been tempted to smoke? Or do any of your friends smoke? No. Not that I know of. I think it's not cool. I don't want to do it because, I've seen how my mum reacts. And I don't want to become addicted to something that's bad and expensive. I've been smoking since I was 14. Yeah. You should quit right now. Yeah. It gets harder the older you get. - It was really nice to meet the family. - They're lovely. They're very Icelandic, I wouldn't know but, like their sense of humour and stuff is quite different. You must be spending most of your other time at home. Or with friends inside. And obviously, that curfew thing, that's probably meant, that they didn't grow up like, going to parks and drinking and stuff. Hi. Welcome. When I first heard about this curfew, I had, like this preconception, that they were just going to be really annoying for the children, making sure they go to bed. - This is for you. - Thank you very much. Those are just some boys going home from their dance. One of our friends is talking to them, just asking how it was. - So shouldn't they be home by now? - Well, actually the dance was until 10:30. But the dance finished early. So obviously it takes a little bit of time to walk home. So, that's why we're here. We're trying to make them feel safe on their way home. She's telling them to go home. - What if they don't listen to her? - They will. We've never met kids who didn't want to go home or didn't go home, so... they always go home. I kind of want to not like them, but their systems actually seem to be working really well. It was good to hear their views and how they thought that children, well kids just seem to respect them far more. I can't imagine this happening at home because, children don't look up to adults like this and think they have more rights, yeah? Everybody seems to know everybody. Loads of the parents knew the kids already. - And if they do something bad, it's so easy to get caught. - Yeah. You find out, yeah. I don't think we can bring it to England. It might work really well here but it won't work at home. Or London, it won't work. Maybe in a village, I don't know. Because there's too many people. There's too many schools. There's gangs. Kids aren't respecting parents. Parents aren't respecting kids. There's not the same mutual upbringings or understanding. - You have to walk like this. - Oh God. Help me. Look at that. - You have to come and stay in Iceland for the summertime. - Yeah, we've got to come for the summer, that's it. I was thinking about taking you to a pub. My father passed away when I was 11, from lung cancer. He used to smoke since he was 15, so that did definitely affect me. When I was young, it was the norm that children tried smoking and now it's almost out of the question. And that is, to me, something I'm extremely proud of, as mayor in Reykjavik. Subtitles: Kirsten Mollerup Subline


A Breath Of Fresh Air

This is a sample from our ‘Quit Cigarettes’ mission, which is currently live in the UK. Our goal is to increase the amount of people in the UK who quit cigarettes. Read more about our first mission here.

Theo has asthma. Alice can’t quite figure out why she smokes. One thing they know for sure - they both want to quit cigarettes. Now they’re heading off to live with an Icelandic family for four days, a place where cigarettes are seen as anything but cool.. Is this the break...that helps them break the habit?