I see smokers because they come with urological disorders. So, often they'll say, you know, my erections aren't so good. I don't wake up with erections in the morning as much as I used to. The penis isn't quite so hard when I'm having sexual relations. But also sometimes people say that their penis is shorter than they expect, so it's getting shorter as they get older. Smoking stops the blood flow through the penis, stops the spontaneous erections. There's nightly erections, which is important to stretch the penis and keep it as a good length. So in summary, smoking could make your penis appear shorter or in fact, actually become shorter. I remember one chap who's in his perhaps his early 30s. He thought he was in good health, he'd been smoking most of his life. As he was trying to have sexual relations with new girlfriend, his erections weren't quite as good as they were before. Smoking had caused progressive changes over time in his penis. And so he's now destined to spend the rest of his life using drugs to help with getting an erection, for life. Erectile dysfunction itself can be a real problem for them, because it's the only thing you think about. You wake up in the morning, you don't have erection. So you think about erections. You walk around, normally you get some spontaneous erections during the day, and you can't have them. The best way is to give up smoking is to find some other substitute, which gives you the thrill or the relief that you get when you smoke a cigarette. That craving or desire for cigarette can be really powerful. It can overcome you completely. Why not think about trying to switch it for something else which is really overpowering, maybe having sexual relations instead? That would be another good way of diverting your attention.


The Urologist

This is a sample from our ‘Quit Cigarettes’ mission, which is currently live in the UK. Our goal is to increase the amount of people in the UK who quit cigarettes. Read more about our first mission here.

Did you know smoking damages your hair? That it can wreck your teeth, vandalise your skin, even shrink your manhood? But don’t listen to us. Listen to the pros who know.