If you’re planning a night out and that night involves a few drinks and a few cigarettes and maybe a hook-up later on, you know those few cigarettes that you have, are going to impact on your sexual performance that night. The thing about sex, is it doesn't all happen in the genitals, a lot of it starts in the brain. This is where all of your hormone activity starts off and nicotine affects our hormone balance. So if you've got nicotine filtering into the blood system and into the brain, your ability to get aroused, becomes affected. When you smoke it affects your vascular system. The arteries that go into the sexual organs, the penis and the clitoris, To really work sexually, it needs to have a good blood supply and that's what helps you to have an orgasm, to climax. So when the blood supply is affected to the clitoris as it will be through smoking, you're not going to have such a good orgasm and I think we need to be shouting about this, because I don't think women realise, I think if they did, maybe they would choose not to smoke.


The Sex Therapist

This is a sample from our ‘Quit Cigarettes’ mission, which is currently live in the UK. Our goal is to increase the amount of people in the UK who quit cigarettes. Read more about our first mission here.

Did you know smoking damages your hair? That it can wreck your teeth, vandalise your skin, even shrink your manhood? But don’t listen to us. Listen to the pros who know.