Working in tattooing, there are a lot of people who smoke. I tattooed several people over the years, who have had open heart surgery. Sometimes the surgery from smoking- related operations is pretty bad. You can never cover a scar. It will always come through a tattoo, but what you can do is you can distract from people seeing it. The scars are quite horrific. They're normally, you know, half an inch to an inch wide by about 10 inches down there from here to here. And when they put you back, things tend to drop a little bit. when it's opened up. So people have tattoos to cover their chest. I've done some big chest pieces over the years. Generally, it's kind of going up in a triangle. Vine's, roses, and that kind of thing tend to work really well. Depending on the scarring, it can be very, very difficult and very tight, very hard. And that cell structure and the skin isn't what it was pre-surgery. So it can be difficult to tattoo on skin that has had surgery. If someone's in good health their skin is going to be very easy to tattoo. People can be very self-conscious about their scars. You know, one of the options is to cover it up with a tattoo. It's really good for people's mental well-being. Sometimes they really are affected by it and it can be quite traumatic for them. The more healthy you are the easier it is for us to tattoo and easier the tattoo is going to heal. I'm not a scientist, I can't prove it but of 20 years of tattooing. That's my experience of what I see day to day.


The Tattoo Artist

This is a sample from our ‘Quit Cigarettes’ mission, which is currently live in the UK. Our goal is to increase the amount of people in the UK who quit cigarettes. Read more about our first mission here.

Did you know smoking damages your hair? That it can wreck your teeth, vandalise your skin, even shrink your manhood? But don’t listen to us. Listen to the pros who know.