I, many years ago, saw a patient in his mid-thirties. A very, very heavy smoker losing all his teeth. Looked 20 years older. And the funny thing was he had a young wife and young family and he really looked like the grandfather rather than the father. I've had patients who are virtually chain smokers. Young people in their thirties with every single tooth loose and eventually left either with full dentures, or you're going to fork out £ 50-60,000 for a set of implants. And with persistent smoking in our fine cracks that we have in our teeth. These become imprinted with tobacco stain that are so difficult to get out. You can pollish you can clean. The longer one smokes and the older one gets, the more stained the teeth become, until eventually you just cannot remove the stain. Smokers will often have bad breath because the smoking dries the saliva and they have this malodor. You can't really tell yourself whether you have bad breath or not. Usually it takes someone to tell you. That's often quite difficult. Nobody wants to be known as somebody with bad breath. If someone wants to quit smoking, just quit. It can be done.


The Dentist

This is a sample from our ‘Quit Cigarettes’ mission, which is currently live in the UK. Our goal is to increase the amount of people in the UK who quit cigarettes. Read more about our first mission here.

Did you know smoking damages your hair? That it can wreck your teeth, vandalise your skin, even shrink your manhood? But don’t listen to us. Listen to the pros who know.