It's like, it's like, it's like... I like dipped it in and I tasted the sauce and I just went... It's like this, off-tasting Tabasco. No, it's not nice at all. No, don't even. Don't waste your money and it's like two pound more, don't waste your money. I accidentally bought them once and they sent me normal chicken nuggets and I was happy. Do you know what else you shouldn't waste your money on? Cigarettes. Am I right? Word to your mother. -Oh that was so awkward, I was doing it. -Messed that one up. Quitting cigarettes is really tough. So I want to make sure people are under no illusion, that they can give up smoking. Here's the game. -I'm going to show you something hopefully amazing. -OK. And if you are amazed then maybe you could quit smoking for a day, a week? -Alright, that's a fair bet. -For life? You never know. What I'm going to try and do, is get this cigarette to somewhere, you can't get to it. Thus, stopping you from smoking. -Sound good? -Yeah, yeah. -OK, you ready? -OK. Tadaa! -Get it out yourself, if you want to continue smoking? -I'll leave that to you. Have you stopped smoking now? Yes. Fantastic. How about today I show you a cool magic trick with cigarettes, and if I amaze you, maybe you'll think about stopping smoking, maybe for today? -Yeah alright. -I'll give it a shot. Amazing, amazing, right. Let's try this... Pinch, pinch. And then pinch that one there, like that. Yeah put the ends together, pinch that nice and tight. I want you to pinch that cigarette nice and tight there. Hold tight, really tight, really tight. I am going to hold the middles here... And then I want you to imagine them fusing together in the middle, that way there'll be no end for you to actually light and smoke. -Does that make sense? -OK. How did you do that? -Noooo. -Are you...? Noooo. -Oh my gosh. -What? -Oh damn. -What, what. I am shocked. How the hell have you done this, please? So here was the deal, did I amaze you? Yes you did. Did I? So will you stop social smoking a little bit? -Absolutely. -Amazing. Love that. -Mark my words. -And I won't smoke. Ever. That's mine. -It's solid. -Oh, this is not possible. -Yeah, let me get it. I'm going to try a trick with a cigarette, that hopefully, will give you a way that keeps your hands busy, that puts your mind off smoking. -Lovely, can I nick one? -Of course, yeah. So I'm going to change this into something a bit healthier. Huh? There you go. No. There you go, a lollipop. Oh my god. Nice. Oh, it's all wet. Well, it has just been in my mouth. How does that taste? A lot better than a cigarette. So as well as the lollipop, I've got a little present for you. Just remember today, if I give that to you. If I do that, in fact it appears in your back pocket, have a look in your back pockets. Yes, there you go, there it is, in your back pocket. -What? -Have a reach in your back pocket. Shut up. Shut up. Shut up. How did you do that? Er, very well. Oh my god. And read that out for me. Quitting: it's in your hands. #quitcigarettes -Yeah, pure magic. -Pure magic. I've said this for a time, magic exists. I don't care. Magic is real, magic is so real. He did make it disappear, so I guess I'm gonna have to quit smoking for real. Yeah. Thankfully loads of my friends are stopping. I think it's just, it ain't cool anymore.


Can This Magician Persuade People to Quit Cigs?

This is a sample from our ‘Quit Cigarettes’ mission, which is currently live in the UK. Our goal is to increase the amount of people in the UK who quit cigarettes. Read more about our first mission here.

We want cigarettes to do a disappearing act, so we sent magician Tom Elderfield out on to the streets of London to persuade people to quit with his mind-boggling tricks.