We’re just joined at the hip really. Everyone thinks that I'm a little bit mad. But that’s okay. I don’t mind. Hi, my name’s Eve and this is Roley. Roley is nearly eight years old. Just under eight years ago, I was a 20-a-day smoker. And I thought that the two of them could exist together and I was wrong. I am an actress. While you are filming you get lots of breaks and so you fill those breaks with smoking Roley use to hate it. I could see his little nose not liking my fingers. And he’d deliberately try and walk away from me if I’d had cigarettes. And if I was smoking in the flat, he would go and sit in the kitchen in the corner on his own. And so I thought, "Ah, this isn’t going to work." So I stopped smoking in the flat, thinking that would be enough and it wasn’t. So I quit. And we don’t regret it. If it was just for me, I would still be smoking. But doing it for something else that you love, you can do it pretty easily. - (On the phone) How are you? - Woof I’m not too bad, thank you. So what you been up to? Ever since I’ve had Roley, we’ve just been two peas in a pod. He follows me everywhere. He’s like my little shadow. He’s always watching me. Everything I do. He’ll watch me if I'm brushing my teeth, if I’m walking around. He’s gone on tours with me on acting jobs. He sits in the dressing room. I’ve turned down work so I could be with Roley and if Roley’s not welcome then I don’t go. When I first got Roley, I had really dark hair. And I guess owners become like their dogs. Because I slowly started to lighten my hair once I got him. Now we’re nearly the same colour. So Roley has got a few outfits. He doesn’t, like, wear them everyday. Roley’s first outfit is a blue-and-white knitted jumper, ideal for sailing. Roley’s second outfit is his New Year’s Eve little suit. Then we have the Christmas outfit. Everyone likes a Christmas jumper to look silly and Roley is no exception. This is his latest addition. The unicorn. - How are you? - I’m very well, thank you. Here is the menu. When we go out sometimes, he’ll get a child’s meal. It’s surprising what you can find to order in pubs for dogs. Paté, chips, chicken breast. He’s a fan of a beef burger. He likes toast in the morning as well, just with butter. Not everyday, but yeah... Everyone thinks I’m mental. Absolutely mental. So this is my hero - Dude. Without him, I wouldn’t be here. I had a dog before Roley called Dude. And then one day my house caught fire at night and Dude woke me up. I tried to get out of the door and I couldn’t. It was too hot and there was nowhere to go. I ended up collapsing and Dude died next to me. And the fire brigade saved me, but they couldn’t save Dude. So after Dude went, I was kind of a bit of a mess. I got a really bad tattoo of his name on my wrist. After Dude I missed him so much. And when I got Roley, I think, it kind of was a double thing of feeling safe, because dogs protect you and look after you and also having something to kind of...love again. It’s just really important that he has the best life I can give him, because...I obviously can’t... ..give Dude his. So, soz about that. Come on. That’s it. Good boy. - To collect a cake? - Yep. Ahh, perfect. Yeah. That’s great, thank you very much. Today is Roley’s birthday, so we are decorating. So we’re going to have a birthday party for Roley and he’s turning eight. So, get some friends together, have a cake, make a little show of him. Are we mad? I think, you know, life is boring, and so by doing silly things, makes it more exciting. Someone’s at the door. Come on then. Happy Birthday! I don’t think we would be as close if I still smoked. I don’t think he’d want to sleep on my bed with me. I don’t think he would be as close and as cuddly. I think getting rid of something negative and replacing it with something positive is amazing. And if I’d just taken away smoking, then I wouldn’t have filled that gap in my life with anything. Fill it with exercise, fill it with a pet, fill it with whatever, but you have to fill it. Because otherwise it is a hole, it is like something that you spend so much time doing and then if you just take it away, it’s like, “Uhh. What am I going to do with that?” You need to fill it. Get a dog. But not you, you’re mine.


I Quit Smoking For My Four-Legged Best Friend

This is a sample from our ‘Quit Cigarettes’ mission, which is currently live in the UK. Our goal is to increase the amount of people in the UK who quit cigarettes. Read more about our first mission here.

Meet Eve and Rowley. They’re the best of friends. Eve is a human. Rowley’s a dog. They have matching hair and sometimes wear matching outfits too. When Rowley expressed his strong dislike for Eve’s smoking habit, she ditched the cigarettes. Could you give up smoking to keep your pup in perfect health?